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Leland Kriegh's Blog

Sunday, September 12, 2010

BP4_Web 2.0 tool review

Wallwisher (www.wallwisher.com) is an online notice board.  Users may create a wall on any topic and others may post comments, feedback, ideas, input, etc.  The idea is simple.  Think of taking a piece of chart paper and writing something on it.  Other people come and write something on a sticky note and place it on the chart paper.  The chart paper collects the ideas.

With Wallwisher, you can use it simply as sticky notes on chart paper.  One can also expand on this idea where others can publish much more on their sticky note such as research ideas, links, images, multimedia, etc. to contribute to the collective work.  

Here is a simple example of how Wallwisher could be used to get feedback from students.  Instead of posing a question and having students raise their hands, why not get everyone to contribute and have a little time for a thoughtful response?

This Wallwisher is an example of an English lesson on expanding sentences.  This gives all of the students to contribute and share their ideas.

This Wallwisher asks for students to share their tips on success for exams.  Students can contribute and learn from each other.

Wallwisher is not limited to words.  Images and links can also be shared.  Students could produce a work in Google Docs and paste the link to a Wallwisher wall.

Wallwisher is a free tool which allows users to share information in a variety of ways.

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  1. Leland,
    This site sounds interesting! Instead of creating real sticky notes, doing virtual ones are more "green". This is an excellent idea for virtual learning to encompass sharing amongst the learners. Can this be done in real time or there is some lag time? I will definitely check out this site.