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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Week 2 Reading Response to Janene Neal

Janene's Post:
How can I reinvent myself to be a better person? I think I try on a daily basis to be a better person. I treat others the way that I want to be treated. I work hard to make myself happy, as well as others that are around me. But when I read this week’s readings, I pondered if I am missing something. Is there more that I can offer to others around me? I think I do. But what can I contribute to my students…my friends…my family? How can I provide more possibilities? Or be apart of other possibilities?

I think in order for me to step outside the box, I must list contributions that I can offer to others. I feel that I have a lot to offer others. Not only my work ethics, but I also provide love and compassion. Sometimes, I feel that I might be a little burned out with teaching. But on a daily basis, I still love my students. Of course I want them to learn as much as possible, and sometimes forget about their feelings and how their home life can really affect their school life.

For instance, last week, one of my fourth grade students needed shoes, clothes, underclothes, and toiletries, due to insufficient funds at home. Through a county non-profit organization, I was able to provide these necessary items for this student and his sibling. He was so thankful, and appreciative to receive these items. He didn’t care if the items were name brand, or the latest fashion. He was just happy to have clothes with no holes, and shoes that weren’t falling apart. With his overwhelming response of gratitude, I was able to reconnect with the emotional aspect of being a teacher, as well as looking at how fortunate that I am able to provide for my own family. Still, this kid showed me to appreciate the little things in life.

I think with caring and love, the possibilities are endless. Having a positive outlook in life will provide an abundance of opportunities. Educators are kind, warm hearted human beings that not only teach lessons to others, but also provide love to their students.

So yes, I think that I do have something to offer to my students, LOVE. Sometimes it’s tucked away, pushed aside, or misplaced, but for some reason, my students help me find it.

What I really liked about the reading this week, and what I want to use is giving A’s. The author provided his students with A’s at the beginning of the semester. This way, the students will set their own standards high. It is similar to FSO grading the GPS assignment at the beginning of the class. I know I want to keep this 100%, and will make an effort to not have any points deducted.

One sentence stood out from all the reading…..”Hard Work and Reward…what can be better?”

My Response:
I completely identified with your story of how helping someone else reminded you of love. Moments like these bring us to our central selves. It reminds me of the days following 9/11. Remember how everyone was more caring, even in traffic? This dissipated after a couple of days it still, after a couple of days, we were reminded of what's really important and we noticed it. I think the key to this idea is to constantly remind us of the big picture.

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