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Leland Kriegh's Blog

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wk1_Topic #2_ Technology in my Workplace

I teach technology in an elementary school. My first year in this position, the computer lab was made up of 10 year old G3 iMacs. Consequently, I did very little teaching and mostly ran around troubleshooting computers. My district is completely Mac and is fairly progressive in the area of technology. When the district purchases new computers, they purchase them for the high schools. The high schools then hand their old computers to the middle schools. The middle schools then and their old computers to the elementary schools. By the time the elementary schools get new computers, they are typically 7 to 8 years old. My computers were 11 years old. In addition, my students come from families in a very low socioeconomic bracket. Most of them do not have access to a computer at home. Through lobbying, cooperation, coercion, and old fashioned arm-twisting, and a couple of years I have been able to secure the latest flat-panel iMacs for my students.
My students are now able to create multimedia projects with iMovie, GarageBand, and the rest of the Apple suite of programs. They are using a learning management system and experiencing online simulations and media rich games.

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